About Us



Industrial Safety Training Centre (ISTC) is one of Nigeria’s leading Safety Training organizations. Over 2,500 course participants are trained annually since 1999. Our mission is the development of skilled and trained workforce that enhances public safety, Security and economic growth. Our experience over the years covers a spectrum of sectors, including the oil and Gas Industries.

At Industrial safety Training Centre, we consider our people as the source of our success and we set high standards of performance and ethical behaviours. we are judged by how we act.

Our six (6) Core values are integrity, service, reliability, respect for people,competency and better outcome. Our code of conduct and code of ethics help everyone at the centre to act in line with these values.

Integrity :
We believe integrity is the foundation of our individual and corporate actions that drives an organisation.

  • We are honest, trustworthy and ethical in our actions.
  • We develop and encourage open and honest work practices and relationships.
  • We take personal responsibility for actions and behaviour.
  • We deliver on actions promised and honour our commitments.
  • We avoid conflicts of interest and if one arises, we promptly take appropriate steps to manage it